Archive of Written words by Shaun

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All work copy written and guarded by ancient spells.


Life Events

My story, Life Events, a Black Mirror style reflection on our social media obsession, will soon be published via Pif Magazine. Stay tuned for more details!


After Effects Anthology

I'm very excited to have one of my prose short stories featured in the After Effect Anthology, a collection of short stories about a dystopian tomorrow. Available on kindle and paperback.

Check it out here!


Sipapu in Jumbelbook

I wrote a story about infatuation and time and laundry machines. It's called Sipapu and it was published this week on Jumbelbook. Check it out if you care to.


Thor vs Superman pos 2 & 3

Thor vs. Superman page 2 and 3. Art by Words and letters by me.


Thor vs. Superman!

Written and lettered by myself and drawn by the unrivaled Almayer

I wrote this years ago for a PencilJack artist competition and dug it out and pitched it to Almayer. I realized some mistakes I made that made it more challenging for Almayer. I called for a few multiple actions. I also decided to upgrade the captions and give it a more pulpy feel. As for the lettering, being my first attempt, it was a learning process and I have much more to learn. I'm excited for how this came out though.

It's worth mentioning this is fan art and will not be for sale, because who wants to get sued by Marvel & DC.


Hyena available soon in Alterna Comic's IF Anthology

 One second is the simplest measurement of time and it can be enough to save a life. Or lose it. 

What if you had the ability to see seven seconds into the future? 
Its enough time to dodge a punch, or a bullet... but is it enough time to save your city from the corrupt? 

In River City there is the myth of a man who sees seven seconds into the future. Those who prey upon the weak will soon learn he is no myth.

But are mere seconds enough to save us from unchecked evil? 
How is this gift possible?
And who is...


I'm very excited to see my story, The Hyena, as drawn by the super talented Chris Winters, featured in Alterna Comic's IF Super Powers anthology available this November.